let's change the narrative of divorce!


Whether this separation or divorce was your choice or your partners' choice it is not likely that you ever hoped you'd be here today, but with 30% of first marriages, and 60% of second marriages in Australia ending in divorce so many of us find ourselves here! 

And it is so easy, so tempting and almost *expected* of us to fall into the trap of hating on our ex's. But this doesn't serve you. Let's change the narrative. Instead of seeing divorce as a fight for one-upmanship,

Let's make your divorce simply one part of your journey to a (MUCH) better life!

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Becca showed me how to protect myself and not be too overwhelmed through my divorce proceedings, and now I've never been happier.


Divorce can be a sh*t show - but it really is possible to Do Divorce Right! and come out the other side of this liking yourself and your life more than you ever have before.

But I get it. That might be a bit hard to believe right now.

I work with women who are separated, divorced or about to be, helping to rebuild themselves and rise from the rubble so that they will feel empowered, strong and with a plan for a fabulous future. 

Let’s work together on the practical and the woo-woo to help you:

  • Regain control from emotional overwhelm 
  • Avoid burnout by not spending all your time and energy on your divorce
  • Reconnect with the incredible woman that you are
  • Define and embed what behaving with integrity means to you
  • Setting effective boundaries to protect yourself and your family
  • Choose and work effectively with your legal team 
  • Communicate most effectively with your ex
  • Guide and nurture your children through this journey and beyond
  • Set goals for your fabulous future and develop the plan to achieve them
  • Celebrate your progress and achievements
  • Build your support team for the longer-term 
  • and more 

What are you struggling with right now?


I'm thinking about leaving my marriage
I've left my marriage but I'm struggling

Work with Becca


1:1 Coaching:


In her personal coaching sessions, Becca works with women who are in the process of separating or divorcing to help gain clarity on what to expect, empower them with tools and strategies to cope and to set a vision and roadmap for the future.

Divorce Resilience Online course:


For the first time, Becca has packaged up a programme of the most powerful strategies, tools and lessons into a self-paced online programme.


In less than 15 minutes per day, you can learn everything you need to know to:


  • Begin healing some of the trauma of separation and divorce
  • Stop your divorce from taking over your thoughts/words/actions,
  • Create boundaries so that you can be strong when needed and protect yourself, 
  • Reprogramme negative self-talk,
  • Practice emotional regulation and further develop your emotional maturity, 
  • Reframe what you think of divorce and learn to love the potential of the future ahead of you, 
  • and, ultimately, feel more peaceful about your divorce journey


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