"A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water."

Eleanor Roosevelt 

Hi, I'm Becca Maxwell


Founder of Do Divorce Right, and this is my story

I am a consultant, coach and mentor for leaders in the marketing services industry. I talk with people everyday about their relationships with clients, staff, collaborators and themselves. I teach about handling conflict, change and dealing with difficult people.

SO much of this advice is applicable to you too - AND I've been where you are today. Twice in fact. 

I left an abusive husband when I had absolutely nothing and was half a world away from family or friends. 

And then, nearly two decades later after completely rebuilding my life, I chose to leave a very unhappy 2nd marriage. 

I left because I could see how miserable my husband was - and how miserable he was making myself and the children in the process! - and I genuinely wanted him to be happy. 

For a year life was good. He had a girlfriend within a week and I was surprisingly ok about it. 

He seemed happier, more engaged as a father, contributed financially etc.

Perhaps the perfect divorce would be possible after all?!


After a year as a happy single mum things turned truly nasty.

Over the next 5 years I had to draw on reserves of strength I didn’t even know that I had!

In the midst of representing myself in court, fighting for my children and learning about the massive debt he’d created for us, I also lost my corporate job and desperately needed to find a new way for myself so that I could continue supporting myself, my children & my parents (and with no financial support from my ex-husband).

And yet, not only did I come out the other side of this ugliness with greater financial stability, a fantastic partner, a beautiful blended family and a life that I *love*..  I’ve managed this without stooping to ugliness myself throughout the divorce. 


No bad mouthing or trashing my ex. No dirty tactics in court. No responding to the [relentless!] verbal and emotional abuse. No getting in the mud.


Throughout the ugliest days my friends would ask me “How are you still smiling?” and “How can you even cope??”


And THAT is what I am here to teach you:


All of the strategies, mindset hacks, tools and mantras to keep you going when you feel like it’s all too much. 


This is not a place for legal advice, or to vent about the mad behaviour of your ex partner & his new girlfriend/s but it IS the place to find your inner strength and have a chorus of cheerleaders celebrating you.


Join myself and a community of incredibly supportive women in the Do Divorce Right membership, or access these strategies in your own time with the self-paced THRIVE Divorce online, or contact me about 1:1 work. I'm here to lift you up, empower and celebrate you throughout this journey to your better life. 


You’ve got this. 

And we’ve got you.