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podcast Aug 18, 2022
Do Divorce Right
Episode 0

The Do Divorce Right podcast is a new podcast dedicated to looking at the many different aspects of divorce,  interviews with women who have their own incredible divorce stories or those who can offer some great advice as you go through yours. Hosted by Becca Maxwell, a divorce coach and relational intelligence consultant, the focus here is to help you to find the strength and support to help you heal, feel lighter and in a better frame of mind to face the inevitable challenges of your divorce journey

In this episode, meet your host Becca Maxwell and gain an understanding of her background, career and divorce journey that led her to becoming a divorce coach. 

Audio Transcript

Welcome to the Do Divorce Right Podcast. I'm your host, Becca Maxwell, and I'm here to help you transition through your divorce with ease and integrity, to not only survive the challenges of your divorce, but to thrive as you come out the other side of it with a much better life than you ever hoped possible.

On this show, we talk about many different aspects of divorce, interview women who have their own incredible divorce stories, or those who can offer some great advice as you go through yours. The focus here is to help you find the strength and support to help you feel lighter, happier, more positive, and then a better frame of mind to face the inevitable challenges of your current journey.

Hi, I'm your host, Becca Maxwell. And I wanted to give you a bit of an introduction and what to expect from this podcast moving forward. So about me, I've had a career of 20 plus years in the advertising industry, working in Australia, Europe and Asia. I worked my way up from being a secretary of an advertising agency in Melbourne many years ago, to being the chief operating officer of a digital media agency in Singapore, managing 120 People over five countries.

Along the way, you can imagine I have nurtured teams, I have nurtured talent. I've nurtured client relationships, as well as running those offices. Five years ago, I pivoted from working inside the agencies to consulting and consulting with CEOs and account leaders on some of the world's largest advertising agencies.

My area of expertise in this consulting role has been in the space of relational intelligence. So I've been coaching senior leaders on how they can build resilience for themselves and for them, for their teams? How do they manage change, which is a constant in that world? How do you manage difficult people both internally and externally with clients?

How do you understand your own triggers and biases and what you're what you're taking into a conversation, I've been teaching mindset hacks, and how to handle conflict in a very, very healthy way, you know, all of the things about what it takes to have a sustained Relationship with Clients over a period of time, and I advise leaders to do exactly that. So all of this, as you can imagine, was very directly applicable when I had to handle my own very, very challenging divorce.

I've actually had two divorces, one when I was younger, and living in England, we were married for less than two years. But I knew that I needed to leave that relationship when it became violent. It was an awful time, and I needed to rebuild my life from nothing, then, thankfully, we didn't have any children. And I was still so young. But, you know, I did have to grieve that marriage, and I had to process going through a divorce when it's the last thing that you want.

Then I went into a second marriage two years later, with all of the intentions of an optimistic life together. And unfortunately, that fell apart too. We went through an international divorce after being together for 10 years, we'd moved countries a few times together, and we've had two beautiful children and still have two beautiful children. That was all extremely tricky, and very, very difficult.

The divorce process lasted more than five years. I ended up having to represent myself in court, because we couldn't, I couldn't afford lawyers anymore. Thankfully, I was much more mature. And I had this experience of my consulting work, which really put me in a good place to be able to manage the challenges of that divorce, to manage my own stresses. And as well as being able to communicate more effectively with my partner at the time, my ex husband, so you'll certainly hear more about that divorce because it is a big part of my story.

I will share parts of it as you get to know me through these episodes, through social media and the emails and my online course as well. But ultimately, not only was I surviving through the ugliness of this divorce, and it was tabloid worthy, I mean, it did get into headlines. It was awful and very, very ugly. But I was managing to not only survive it, but to smile and stay positive most days and ultimately be a stable influence for the children as we were all going through it.

So with that in mind, I've developed a framework of support and coaching which leverages those consultancy skills, some of those frameworks and approaches to help women like you find your inner strength, and not only survive, but thrive at the other end of this journey. So I want to help you transition through the challenges of your divorce, but with optimism, where possible, certainly with integrity, to not only survive this challenging period, but to come out the other side of it with a life that you love.

I want you to be happier and brighter and lighter than you can imagine. But I understand that seems probably very unlikely right now. What you're going through right now takes some work. But I want to help you with that. So that's the purpose of this podcast.

That's the purpose of my group coaching and my online course at do divorce right.com. Through this podcast, I want to give you simple tools, advice, inspiration, to help you manage this transition. And always keep in mind the future so that you can come out the other end happier and lighter than you can imagine right now. I'm here on this journey with you. And I look forward to hearing your ups and your downs. I'd love to hear from you.

Send me a DM or an email. Let me know what you're struggling with most right now. What support do you need? I have some really great interviews coming up with some inspirational and super intelligent women to share with you their advice and their journey. I'd love to hear from you too.

Thanks for listening. I hope you took something of value out of this episode. I'm your host Becca Maxwell. And you can find me on the web at dodivorceright.com or on Instagram at @dodivorceright.

I look forward to connecting with you there.



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