Episode 33 - Divorce & Intuition

Hey everyone! It's fantastic to be back on the Do Divorce Right podcast after a refreshing break in Nepal and the UK. I'm thrilled to introduce Kerry, who joins me today as our first guest in a while.

Kerry went through a divorce in her mid-30s and found herself unexpectedly starting again, living with her family while she healed and prepared to start her life again.

Since Kerry is a kinesiologist, reiki healer and has studied positive psychology, she had some fabulous tools to help her heal quickly - which we discuss in this episode.

I asked Kerry specific advice on how she would suggest you tap into your intuition and know when it’s time to leave, or when to start trusting your ability to make good decisions again.

I hope you love this conversation and her advice as much as I did!!

Visit her website www.alignandattract.com
Listen to her podcast at alignandattract.buzzsprout.com
You can find Kerry @kerryrowett at Instagram