Episode 42 - Stop Worrying about money with Jacqui Clarke

In the latest episode of the Do Divorce Right Podcast, we have a special guest, Jacqui Clarke, who has been called "Australia's best-kept money secret".

With her expertise as a financial adviser, Jacqui has helped numerous successful and affluent families in Sydney not only create wealth but also navigate the financial complexities of separation and divorce. In fact, her incredible knowledge and experiences have led her to write a fantastic book called "Stop Worrying About Money" - and wouldn't we ALL love to stop worrying about money?!

Join me as I quiz Jacqui on how we can get there!

Send Jacqui or myself a DM and let us know what you take away from this episode!

You can find Jacqui on Instagram at @jacquiclarke000

Visit her website at www.jacquiclarke.me