Episode 50 - Managing your teen & their anxiety through divorce with Doctor Jodi

In this episode, I talked to Dr. Jodi, a psychotherapist and author who helps teenagers deal with anxiety. We discussed how anxiety is a normal part of life and how it affects different people. We also talked about how parents can help their children during a divorce when they don't have all the answers. Dr. Jodi suggests waiting until you know more before talking to your kids about the divorce.

She also advised parents to spend time with each child individually, validate their feelings, and help them make sense of the situation. We talked about the importance of modelling confidence and not sharing overly positive feelings on social media if it might hurt the kids. Dr. Jodi offers resources on her website to help people dealing with divorce and anxiety.

Overall, our conversation focuses on the significance of empathy and understanding in helping children cope with anxiety during divorce.

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