Episode 51 - The importance of fabulous women around you

Welcome back to another episode of “Do Divorce Right Podcast”. In this episode, we are focusing on "The Importance Of Fabulous Women Around You”, a topic that is very close to my heart. This topic has been on my mind lately, and it has been fueled by a recent experience I had at a business launch event, as well as my personal journey in developing and cherishing female friendships. I delve into the unique attributes that make female friendships so special, particularly the aspects of emotional intimacy and vulnerability that often define them.

Drawing from my own life, I shared some personal experiences. There have been times when I leaned more towards male friendships, finding them interesting for their directness and different dynamics. However, as I have grown, I have come to realize the high value of connecting with supportive women. This is especially suitable during challenging life transitions, such as divorce.

I highlight the importance of female friendships and the incredible support they can provide during tough times. In fact, I'm excited to announce that I'm in the process of launching a membership designed specifically for women going through divorce. This community will offer a safe and supportive space for women to connect, share experiences, and empower one another during this significant life change.


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