Episode 52 - All about child support

Welcome back to another episode of “Do Divorce Right Podcast”. In today's episode, Becca talks to her guest Crystal Paduch, who is the founder of Child Support Consultants, helping Australian families navigate the child support system to get the best possible outcome for the whole family.

They discussed:
- The foundations of child support and how it functions in Australia.

- Common challenges faced by parents dealing with child support, including incorrect assessments, hasty decisions, and not considering future changes in circumstances.

- How important it is to be empowered with information and the ability to make informed decisions.

Crystal encourages listeners to seek knowledge and support, both from experts and resources like this podcast. She also highlighted the significance of avoiding court processes whenever possible. Engaging lawyers and support services can help navigate child support matters without resorting to costly and emotionally draining court battles.

Overall the conversation delved into conditions that set the stage for productive discussions about child support agreements.

Let's dive into today's episode as we discuss divorce and child support issues.

Send Crystal or Becca a DM and let them know what are your key takeaways from this episode!

You can find Crystal on Instagram at @child_support.consultants

Visit her website at www.childsupportconsultants.com.au

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