Episode 53 - The Second Wives Guide With Angela Vassallo

Welcome to the latest episode of Do Divorce Right podcast, where Becca has a special guest today, Angela Vassallo. She's a highly accomplished business coach, entrepreneur, wife, mother, stepmother, speaker, and author of "The Second Wives’ Guide." Angela shares her journey and insights into navigating blended families. She wrote her book to help women like her, who meet men with previous marriages and children, find a blueprint for success in these complex situations.

Angela discusses her own experience as a stepmother in a blended family for over two decades. She emphasises the importance of patience and not rushing into the family dynamic. Angela advises against inserting yourself too quickly and recommends respecting the existing family space and boundaries. Over time, your place in the family will naturally evolve, so taking things slow can lead to a smoother transition.

Listen to this episode for more valuable advice from Angela on successfully navigating the challenges of blended families while keeping the focus on the well-being of the children.

Send Angela or Becca a DM and let them know what are your key takeaways from this episode!

You can find Angela on Instagram at @angelavassallo88

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