Episode 55 - From SAHM to coding a great life

In this episode of the "Do Divorce Right" podcast, meet Liya Yohannes, a transformational coach and author of "Memoirs Of A Young Ethiopian Girl”.

The part of Liya’s story that we explore in this episode focuses on her inspiring journey from being a stay-at-home mom for 18 years, to becoming a financially independent divorcee, homeowner and mother - even within the confines of a global pandemic. 

Throughout this story, Liya and Becca discuss their shared beliefs in the importance of having strong values, a clear vision on what you’re hoping to achieve and the courage to embrace change and face fears. 

Liya’s journey is an excellent example of thriving at divorce and the ability to create a life by design. 

Send Liya or Becca a DM and let them know what are your key takeaways from this episode!


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Visit Liya’s website at www.dioplife.com 


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