Episode 57 - Does a divorce lawyer make mistakes when divorcing?

As a child, Danielle (Dani) Zetzer was the child of a traumatic divorce and became hugely motivated to support families to ‘do divorce differently’ - or Do Divorce Right if you will ;-)

Dani now leads a successful family law practice with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia and recently found herself in the position of having to navigate her own divorce. 

Listen in to learn that - even when you’ve seen the best and worst of divorce - it’s *still* possible to make mistakes. But with a healthy dose of personal responsibility, self-reflection and huge amounts of compassion, Dani continues to learn and support her family to  successfully re-design their lives together and apart. Including dating and introducing new partners. 

Becca and Dani talk about the challenges of being modern women who’ve been led to believe that we can ‘have it all’ and the dynamics created by this, which can make it difficult for someone to be in a relationship with us! Both during a marriage and when we are ready to start dating again.

And can you imagine what it’s like to begin dating again when you’re a family lawyer?

Listen to this full conversation and send Becca or Dani a DM and let them know your key takeaways from this episode!


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