Episode 59 - What does it take to have a positive divorce when your husband comes out?

Janice Holland lived in a strict religious community in the US and had a lingering dream to live overseas. She all but let go of the thought when an opportunity came up for her and her then-husband to BOTH have jobs in a school in Shanghai, China. 

Janice shares her story about how this distance from home allowed their family to grow dramatically - including, for her (now ex) husband to discover that he is gay.

Listen to the episode and hear Janice share what this meant for their family and how they’ve been able to work through the pain, navigate this with their sons in a small expat community and move on to become good friends who each have their own boyfriends.   

Janice has her own practice as a therapist and trauma specialist in Shanghai and you can find out more about this in the links below.

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