Episode 62 - Separated holidays are rarely FUN Holidays.

It's the holiday season, and we all know that it's not all sunshine and rainbows - especially if you're navigating a separation or divorce. 

There is already so much stress at this time; pressure to buy the perfect presents, and create the perfect day/s, and be the perfect host, and keep the children entertained, and

... and then add the guilt or shame or sadness or anger around having new family dynamics to deal with and holidays can become a minefield of emotional triggers!

These holidays, we don’t want you to stress about being the "unfun" parent. Becca has written up a free download packed with simple ideas to entertain your children, and yourself, to create some beautiful fun memories this Christmas. Despite your changing family situation!

Simply DM her on Instagram with "fun holidays," and it's yours, or go to the link below. Think ice cream breakfasts and backyard treasure hunts; trust me, your kids will love it!

So, check out the free download, message Becca on Instagram, or drop an email at [email protected]. Let's make these holidays memorable, fun, and totally yours. 

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