You're thinking about leaving and not sure how to make this decision? 


I totally understand. This will be one of the biggest, most life-changing decisions you are ever going to have to make - and nobody else can make this decision for you. 

What I can do, however, is spend a 90min consultant with you to:

  • Help you gain clarity on the problems you are facing
  • Help you understand your options
  • Give you some frameworks for managing the stress of this time
  • Work with you to develop a plan of actionable steps to take with confidence

Included with the 1x 90 minute session, is 1 week of private text or voice messaging support to address any questions that come up after our session, or if you get stuck in implementing your plan. 


The one-off cost for the consultation and support is: AU $375


Contact me at [email protected] to receive an email link to book in this time.